About Me

I am ZalmayMallyar,a law researcher and professor in the fields of law, political science, international relations, and development.

I was born in Farah in 1986. I have been living in Herat city since 2005 after coming back from immigrating live in Iran. I completed my bachelor’s degree in administration and public law from Herat University Law School in 2009 and my master’s (LLM) degree in sustainable international development from the University of Washington LawSchool in the United States in 2017. From 2012 until now, I am an assistant professor at the Public Law Department of Herat University Law School, and I have experience as the director of the Herat Universitylegal clinic, attorney, the commissioner of the Election Complaints Commission, the officer of communications and public awareness of the Herat Peace Council, and the head of administrative reforms and civil services in Herat province. Now I am working as a researcher and guest lecturer at the UNIVERSITY OF UTAHS.J. QUINNEY COLLEGE OF LAW.